Sugar Hair Removal

How it Works

An ancient Middle Eastern method of hair removal, using an all-natural mixture of sugar, water and lemon juice at room temperature. Unlike waxing, this paste is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth and flicked off in the direction of hair growth. This removes the hair follicle from the root preventing irritation and you less susceptible to ingrown hairs. With consistent treatments, this method of hair removal will collapse the hair follicle in time leading to permanent hair loss.

What are the benefits of Sugaring?


  • Pure and Natural Ingredients
  • No risk of burning due to the sugar paste molding to the temperature of your skin
  • Easier to clean up because the sugar paste is water soluble
  • Sugar paste won’t stick to live skin, it only adheres to dead skin and hair
  • Sugar Never Dries on Skin
  • Sugaring is More Sanitary
  • Sugaring will not break as many hairs due to the removal in the direction of natural hair growth
  • Sugaring Removes Very Short Hairs
  • Sugaring Leads to Permanency