Podcast - Feed Your L.I.O.N.

Feed Your L.I.O.N. - Dr. Jodelle Yount

This podcast is your one stop shop for all things wellness! We discuss topics related to spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and financial health. Join Dr. Jodelle Yount as she aims to start you on your journey towards the mastery of your total self.

All About Shamanism

Dr. Jodelle Yount sits down with a Shamanic Healer to discuss what shamanism is, who it can help, and common misconceptions about the practice. Listen

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Dancing: With Dianne Rice

Ever wanted to take a dance lesson? Tune in to hear from our very own professional dancer and instructor Dianne Rice! Listen here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dancing-with-dianne-rice/id1604226378?i=1000549484647

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