LED Light Therapy
Ashland, KY

How it Works

We use an FDA approved LED Light Therapy device which uses 3 different light setting to help with your skin concerns. The red light setting is for Anti-Aging that will stimulate blood circulation, tighten and firms your skin! It also has a blue light setting that will help with acne and oily skin, as well as, detoxifies and purifies your skin. Lastly, a green light setting that brightens your skin, helps with tonality and pigmentation concerns! This therapy cleans impurities and toxins from your skin. It also uses ultrasound waves that increases oxygen levels in your skin cells, and encourages skin-cell renewal. It also includes a gentle massage that encourages blood flow and strengthens your facial muscles to prevent wrinkles from forming. This Therapy is great as a standalone service or paired with our other treatments. Treatments include a facial cleansing, LED Light Therapy with a targeted serum and finishes with finishing products to tie the treatment and experience together.


Wanting to make a change in your skin? Though there are a lot of different skin care treatments out there, don’t let the process of taking care of your skin become stressful and overwhelming. Our skincare providers can guide you to getting the results you want for your skin.


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