BeautiFil Liposuction
Ashland, Ky

How it Works

BeautiFill is the first laser-based fat transfer technology to standardize the process, time and quality of fat transfer methods with the least amount of adipose disruption. BeautiFill’s closed-loop fat transfer capabilities combine laser, aspiration and processing into one simple step. This reduces procedure time while optimizing the entire fat transfer process.


High vitality fat collection permits successful, immediate fat grafting with years of longevity potential. Simultaneous lasing and suctioning simplifies the procedure and significantly reduces treatment time.

Thermal energy and a unique radial emission fiber allows for effective, homogenous skin tightening.


  • Complete, all-in-one-solution
  • High Fat Vitality for immediate grafting with no need for fillers
  • Compact, portable, neatly-organized unit
  • Maximum patient safety-with low power density lasing and local anesthesia
  • Fully equipped liposuction and fat grafting kits
  • Vast range of filler procedures based on natural resources
  • High ROI-multiple treatment options, outpatient procedures and short treatment time


Starting at $3,000 and going up, contact for more info 606-393-1211